Return Policy Guide

The Australian Consumer Law and Your Rights

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) offers protection and satisfaction to customers by ensuring the product or services delivered to the customer are of good quality and free of defects. Aus Luxe Jewellery abides by the ACL. For more information regarding the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) click here

Aus Luxe Jewellery Refund Policy 

Aus Luxe Jewellery will provide a refund, return or replacement if the jewellery you received is defected within a period of 30 days from delivery date. If you have received your jewellery in improper condition or you're un happy with the status of your product, please contact us. Please note: Any complaints received after 30 days of product delivery will not be considered in accordance to our policy. 


Returned Jewellery Status Policy  Time Limit
Faulty and damaged Jewellery with no or improper packaging or packaging discarded.  50% Refund 30 Days 
Unused & Unopened packaging with damaged or faulty jewellery.  100% Refund 30 Days